Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Organic, healthy, and humane animals

The Crested Butte Sunday farmer's market has several local ranchers selling free-range, organic, and humanely raised animals at very competitive prices.  I need to ask them about how they're slaughtered and butchered, but superficially, everything, including the pork, looks very well-raised and cared for.  One of them only sells at the farmer's market and directly from their farm.  The other does not sell to stores.  This is too bad.  At my local Whole Foods in LA, these products would cost at least twice the price.  Why?  Clearly, these small farmers are doing well by paying careful attention to their animals.  Why can't more producers do this?  

I'm eating little meat these days but will probably buy some of this to try it out and to support folks who are treating their animals and their land with respect.  I wish they shipped to LA.

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