Thursday, May 16, 2013

A great NYTimes OpED about the true value (and cost) of home cooked meals

I've been silent recently....mostly busy...but also just following a lot of events with nothing particularly insightful to write about them.  I've been playing around with pickling and veggie I bet I'll write some more recipes on those topics soon.

However, I just have to share this very good NY Times OpEd about the value of home-cooked meals and how if we value them, we may have to pay for them.


Pay People to Cook at Home

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THE home-cooked family meal is often lauded as the solution for problems ranging from obesity to deteriorating health to a decline in civility and morals. Using whole foods to prepare meals without additives and chemicals is the holy grail for today’s advocates of better eating.

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But how do we get there? For many of us, whether we are full-time workers or full-time parents, this home-cooked meal is a fantasy removed from the reality of everyday life. And so Americans continue to rely on highly processed and refined foods that are harmful to their health.