Sunday, June 12, 2011

Collapse: The Movie

We watched the film Collapse the other night.  Like Kunstler's The Long Emergency, Collapse discusses the potential consequences of a world after peak oil. Whatever you think about the protagonist in Collapse, such discussion are a wake-up call. The world will be different when we have little petroleum since it has permeated our lives (fertilizers, insecticides, plastics, car tires, medicines, industrial processes, in addition to transportation and energy). 

In the book I talk about imagining a world with $10/gallon gas.  And a world with $50/gallon gas.  I think such exercises, while alarming, are calls to clearly think about things we can do now to create a softer landing.

Have a party and watch the film.  Discuss it with your friends.  And share your suggestions about what you can do now for yourself and for your community to make it more resilient.

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