Friday, May 18, 2012

US imposes tarif on Chinese solar panels

I just read this morning that the US has imposed hefty tarifs on inexpensive Chinese solar panels and claim that China is dumping them at below-market prices in the US.  

What a stupid thing to do!  

First, it is the inexpensive solar technology that will be an essential part of getting Americans to install solar panels in the first place. 

Second, it punishes the installers in the US who have been installing these panels.  

Third, it encourages wasteful production of something in the US that could be better produced elsewhere.  

In my opinion, this sends absolutely the wrong message about creating a sustainable future.  Solar MUST be part of our future and we can't wait around while US companies (or German companies, or Chinese companies) make more efficient panels--we have to just get them out there now!

Discussion topic:
When are tarifs OK?  Why?  If we had a natural stewardship amendment, would putting tarifs on a 'green' energy supply be illegal?  Should it?

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