Saturday, August 13, 2011

Gas expansion everywhere?

On a flight from Denver to Albuquerque, New Mexico, I looked out to see the Sand Dunes National Monument in Colorado and the Creststone Needle...a 14,000' peak that I climbed a wonderful rock route a lifetime ago (my friends and I ended up spending the night on the summit and had a rather epic descent the next day when we got lost and had to rappel (and rappel, and rappel) down another ascent route).  The area is spectacularly beautiful and relatively uninhabited.  I was thrilled to see it from the air!

Thus, it was much to my surprise that I saw what looked like oil/gas exploration roads/drilling pads throughout the area.  In what looked like platted out cul-de-sacs carved into the dry earth, I think these are drill platforms seemingly organized in a systematic way through the landscape. 

Can anyone verify this?  

If they are, it's a wake-up call to our unsustainable lifestyle when our natural resource needs scar relatively pristine earth!

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