Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Eating less as a green thing to do

The other night a friend suggested that by burying Americans (since many of of us are obese) we could help get carbon out of atmospheric circulation (much as by burying trees or charcoal, we remove carbon from atmospheric circulation).  And, while this probably wasn't  the most PC thing to say, there is a growing industry in thinking about green burial practices that contrasts the costs of cremation versus burial versus chemical digestion (yes, I know, not what you really want to think about much on a food blog...).

But my friend's tongue-in-cheek remark got me thinking about our current obesity crisis and how eating less is a very green thing to do.  

Think about it for a moment.  Just as by reducing our food waste reduces our individual carbon footprints, reducing the amount of food we eat, particularly processed foods and meat, is an effective way to reduce our individual carbon footprints.  

Can we create a fun name for this?  How about "One serving for the environment"? 

Your Earth will benefit and your health will benefit too!

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