Friday, May 20, 2011

Blue cheese stuffed poblano chilies

Grilled chilies stuffed with cheese are an easy, yet unexpected starter.  The secret is to grill them just enough so that you can easily remove the skins.  Once you’ve got the skins off stuffing them with blue cheese adds a nice tang to each bite.
8 fresh poblano chilies (you can use Anaheim chilies if you want something a bit spicier)
1 cup crumbled blue cheese
Grill the chilies, turning occasionally until the skin is blackened.  They can be grilled on a gas range, under a broiler, or on a barbeque.  Remove and put into a large glass or metal bowl and cover with cling film for 15 minutes.  Remove from the bowl and remove the skin.   Rinse the chilies and pat dry.  Make a small slit in the side of the chili and remove the seeds.  Stuff the chilies with a 1-2 Tbs of cheese, and grill on a hot non-stick skillet with just a touch of oil until the cheese starts to melt and the chilies warm.  Either serve one per plate, or slice each chili horizontally into bite-sized pieces.  This can be served immediately, or you can let them cool and serve later. 
Preparation time:  30 minutes
Comments:  You can avoid using cling film if you can put the chiles into a pot with a tight fitting lid; the goal is to create a sealed environment where the water vapor will condense.  Eliminating plastic from our lives is difficult.  Visit for reasons why we should try.

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