Thursday, February 23, 2012

Forks over knives

Just watched the film Forks Over Knives.  Worth watching because it argues that a whole foods, plant based diet enhances health, and reduces the growth of cancers and coronary heart disease.  A compelling 'natural experiment' discussed in the film:  when Germany invaded Denmark during the war, meat and milk was taken to feed German troops.  During this several year period, deaths from cardiovascular disease plummeted.  After the war, it went back up.  I'd like to see the actual studies underlying the film (many are correlative but there are some highly suggestive correlations), but as I've summarized in some of my books, you can't really believe the nutritional advice from the Department of Agriculture because, as Marion Nestle writes, they're corrupted by industrial lobbyists. 

At least one thing resonated with me while I was watching the film:  I know that we grow cancer cells in 'soups' of animal protein.  Kinda makes sense that protein in our diet may do the same thing in our body...

I met someone a few weeks ago who had cut out all animal protein he didn't catch himself (he fished, crabbed and spear fished a lot) and ate mostly plants and no oils.  I'm going to start using less oil (we eat mostly plants but have a lot of olive oil*) and see how that make me feel (I feel pretty good now anyway...).

Discussion topics
What changes in your diet might you make to enhance health? 
What would happen if you ate less meat?
What would happen if you reduced processed oils in your diet?

*Over dinner last night a friend pointed out that there are some studies that talk about the PROTECTIVE properties of olive know, sometimes it's difficult to know what to do...

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