Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Sustainability in dining halls

I've read about and seen a number of UCLA sustainability initiatives and heard about what the dining halls had been doing but it took me going there to see what a GREAT JOB they're doing.  

I had the pleasure of dining with a number of our undergraduate majors this evening.  While waiting to get in, there were signs talking about meatless Thursdays and WHY they were having meatless Thursdays (now to get them to eliminate cheese on Thursdays!). There were signs all over the place about not using a tray and by doing so saving water and energy required to clean them.  And, the portions were 'reasonable' and food choices healthy.  I had a grilled Tilapia served with polenta, tomato sauce, and spinach (it was really nice) and two helpings of a really nice fresh salad.

I have to say that the campus dining halls are doing such a better job than the campus faculty club!  There are no meatless days there, unsustainable fish are regularly served, and there's apparently no thought about educating faculty about sustainability issues.  Of course by identifying problems this opens the door to solve them.  I guess I have a conversation lined up in my near future.

Is your school, campus, work place engaging in sustainable food practices?  What would it take to get them to do so?

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