Friday, November 25, 2011

We've lost our moral compass

I just woke up to read about a customer at a Wallmart pepper-sprayed other customers to gain a shopping advantage at a 'black-friday' (post-Thanksgiving) sale.  

Read that again.

Say what?!

On top of this, there were shootings in parking lots and robberies near stores.  C'mon America.  This is appalling   We've not just lost civility, we've lost humanity!  

How do we work towards respecting others?  How do we wean ourselves from our orgyistic consumerism which is both a blessing (it drives our economy) and a clear and present danger for our future (it drives our carbon consumption).  How do we re-learn manners and civility?  How do we create a national conversation that doesn't end it pepper-spray?  

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