Sunday, September 25, 2011

'reversed' pizza

Some friends our ours (who are OUTSTANDING cooks) make pizza a really neat way by baking the dough without any toppings and then create inventive toppings for it. The other night we stood around their kitchen, drank wine, talked, and watched them make a number of them for an impromptu dinner .  The idea is to roll out the dough (they used pre-made/pre-packaged dough that night) and lightly bake it.  The dough was cooked without being browned (essentially they made a flat yeast bread).  Then, they put various mixes of toppings; some cooked, some not.  I can't remember all of them, but ingredients included cooked portobello, goat cheese, buffalo mozzarella, uncooked tomatoes (one of the better was a buffalo mozzarella, heirloom tomatoes, olive oil, and rocket, served immediately on the warm bread but otherwise uncooked), thin slices of freshly harvested zucchini, toasted pine nuts, rocket, a balsamic reduction, etc.  Really inventive. Some went back into the oven for a quick bout of cheese melting.  

Really good.  I particularly liked the mix of uncooked and cooked toppings put on top of the pre-cooked pizzas).  I'll try more of these.

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